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High Interest Rates Are A Perfect Storm for Bargain Hunters In Land Markets

In the realm of real estate, the old adage "Buy low, sell high" has always been a guiding principle for savvy investors. In the current economic landscape, there is a golden opportunity for those looking to invest in rural land. High interest rates have created a market where prices are more negotiable than ever before, making it an ideal time for astute buyers to strike while the iron is hot. The Perfect Storm for Bargain Hunters One of the main factors contributing to the unique situation we find ourselves in is the surge in interest rates. When interest rates are high, it becomes more challenging for sellers with heavy debt loads to sustain their investments. This is particularly true for those individuals who bought rural land as "flippers" hoping to cash in on a quick turnaround. With rising interest payments eating into their profits, many of these sellers are now eager to offload their properties, creating a buyer's market. The Moody"s downgrade of t