This New Book Will Help You Use Tech To Get More Out Of Your Money

This New Book Will Help You Use Tech To Get More Out Of Your Money: Tobel realized that most people never received any formal education about how to manage their money, and she wanted to change that.

Tobel launched LearnVest, a financial planning company, in 2009. LearnVest was later acquired by Northwestern Mutual, and though it shut down in 2018, that hasn't stopped Tobel from doing incredible work.

Tobel has penned a new book Financially Forward, which helps readers learn to use tech-based financial tools to their advantage. In addition to her book, Tobel is also the the founder and a managing partner at Inspired Capital, where she is focused on supporting founders and entrepreneurs. Tobel chatted with Refinery29 to shed some light on her journey so far, what readers can learn from her book, and how to stay grounded in the fast-moving world of finance.

Refinery29: Your new book Financially Forward comes out on May 14, what surprised you most in writing it?
Alexa Von Tobel: “I’ve spent the last decade-plus of my career focused on financial innovation, and through my time at LearnVest and Northwestern Mutual, I had a front-row seat to so many of the exciting developments impacting our wallets. I think what surprised me most is just how f


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