How to Cancel Subscriptions in Your Phone's Settings Menu | WIRED

How to Cancel Subscriptions in Your Phone's Settings Menu | WIRED: Online shoppers, media consumers, and app lovers are increasingly sucked into the world of recurring payments. On the bright side, subscription services offer convenience. They also establish a relationship between the company making a product and the person buying it; if you’re on the buying side, it means paying only as long as something is valuable to you. Plus, subscriptions often come bundled with perks. (Like, for example, this publication. You should subscribe!)

But they can also add up in a serious way, leaving your wallet lighter each month. Ever signed up for a free trial, then realized you missed the fine print and have been paying a monthly fee for something you don't need or use? I recently discovered, for example, that I was paying $15 per month for HBO through Amazon’s Prime Video channels, even though HBO was already a part of my cable package. How did this happen? I likely opted in as part of the setup process of an Amazon device. Once I poked around in my account settings, I realized I was paying needlessly for other stuff too.


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