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Save on Your Summer Move - GoTrashy: It’s not unusual to see gas prices on the rise in the summer season, but this year, the U.S. prices are reaching a three-year high. We always think about the same things when it comes to saving on gas. You can swap the SUV for a hybrid car or upgrade to the newer Prius. There is always walking or biking, too.

But what do you do if you are one of the 35 million Americans who move annually? Sure, most of those moves are in town or at least in the same general region, but it’s not just the moving day travel that sucks the money out of your credit card and into your gas tank. There are the trips to the garbage dump and all those miles burned going from one prospective home or apartment to another. If you’re like most, you will have to travel to and from a storage unit or make multiple trips.


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