Lemonade Day helps teach kids about making money

Lemonade Day helps teach kids about making money: . "lemonade day" is a program tha teaches kids how to start their own business. it'll soon take place right here in the wabash valley. each child who registers will receive a free backpack with an entrepreneur workbook. it'll help them set goals, make plans and earn a little money. organizers say they encourage kids to spend money, save money and share some of their profit. [b14]lemonade day preview-sot "we ask that each kid also pick a charity. something to give back to in the community. so its not just about what's in it for them but it's also what's in it for the community as a whole." we've placed a link with information on "where" to find local lemonade stands on our website. that's w-t-h-i-tv dot com. one former terre haute south baseball star is on a hot streak!


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