Retirement: 3 steps to overcome a 401(k) savings shortfall

Retirement: 3 steps to overcome a 401(k) savings shortfall: Are you saving enough for retirement? Fidelity’s tally of 401(k) millionaires just hit an all-time high. Yet the Economic Policy Institute warns the median retirement savings for families with wage-earners aged 44 to�49 is just $6,200. If that low number sounds more like you than Fidelity’s eye-popping savers, keep your chin up. It’s never too late to start putting aside money.

The older and poorer you are, the more folks will tell you the road is hard. Maybe the naysayers have you convinced saving is futile. But while it might be more challenging, if you save and invest well, using a 401(k) or IRA, you can still build a retirement nest egg.�


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