Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tips on how to save money when you travel | TravelWireNews

Tips on how to save money when you travel | TravelWireNews: Forget expensive taxis, there are plenty of other ways to get from A to B — you just have to be savvy about it. There are a zillion apps out there, the best-known of which is Uber, and in bigger cities it can work out more economically to share your ride with someone going in roughly the same direction. Plus, if more people are sharing a car ride it’s better for the environment. Tesloop is a sustainably minded Tesla car service that operates in certain areas of California such as Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego. The best things about Tesloop are the complimentary amenities including Wi-Fi, device chargers, healthy snacks and drinks, travel pillows and headphones supplied by the driver. Plus, there’s is an option to do some sightseeing en route. Sign us up!

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