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Little Ways to Save Money for Trips | So Every Day: I have five kids living in my house. �Three of them are teenagers. �The food consumption alone in this house is outrageous. �Our house is over one hundred years old. �The heating and cooling bill take a gigantic chunk of the pie every month. �And pie – well, if we want that, we can’t even share just one any longer – we need two! �This month my car needed a new oil sensor – whatever that really means. �It’s gas guzzling capacity rivals that of my son’s cereal eating capacity. �Yesterday that car died in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. �It has since been revived but there are no guarantees it will keep running – it’s a rebel that way.

And. �I really like adventures. �I love trips. �Planning for them. �Driving across the country. �Visiting friends and family. �Trekking it north, west south and east. �I like exploring and seeing new places and scratching off new states on the map hanging on our wall.


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