Monday, April 16, 2018

Ellen Rohr: Save Money on Kid's Parties - OZARKSFIRST

Ellen Rohr: Save Money on Kid's Parties - OZARKSFIRST: Tom Cruise, while married to Katie Holmes, reportedly spent $100,000 on a 7th birthday party for their daughter. Catering by Wolfgang Puck. $17K for fresh flowers. 1,000 live butterflies. Animals! Including giraffes and elephants. Hmmm. Come on!

Perhaps you could pull together something very nice and appropriate and far less expensive for your 7 year old? Here are some ideas!

� Make your own invitations - and email works!

� Don't invite the whole class

�You could even do something pricey…for your kid and one friend: concert, sports event, movie

� Pick a free venue…like the park, or your backyard.

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