Monday, March 19, 2018

Cereal with milk can be expensive meal - Midland Reporter-Telegram

Cereal with milk can be expensive meal - Midland Reporter-Telegram: Holy cow! Has anyone else noticed that their grocery bill is out of control? Two years ago, I spent roughly $400 a month on groceries for our family of four. This year, my grocery bill has almost doubled. And I’m not buying anything different, nor have I gone all organic or anything crazy like that. I sound exactly like my mother when I say, well, that’s inflation for you. The same food you bought two years ago just costs more now.

I started examining the receipts, wondering if mistakes had been made. I realized one of my family’s biggest grocery expenditures is on cereal and milk. My kids love cereal. In fact, Little Son would eat nothing but cereal and bacon if I let him. He generally has two bowls in the morning and tries to come home and have cereal as a snack or second dinner. Now, before you get all Judge Judy on me, I don’t buy sugary cereal. They love Cheerios, Raisin Bran and Frosted Mini Wheats. Even when I make a real breakfast with eggs and sausage or bacon, he generally still wants a bowl of cereal. He likes what he likes. I have tried to make his all-cereal, all the time diet slightly better by buying Fairlife milk. If you haven’t heard of Fairlife, it hit shelves a few years ago. It is “ultra filtered” -- whatever that means -- and has more protein than regular milk. It also tastes really good and lasts forever. Well, for regular people who don’t drink a lot of milk. But Fairlife is pricey – about $3.50 for less than a half-gallon. Just to give you an idea, half-gallon of Horizon organic milk is $4.46 and Great Value organic milk is $3.88. We use at least a gallon and a half of milk a week. Cheerios and Mini Wheats are $3.64 a box, with Raisin Bran coming in the cheapest at $2.88.

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